Cross “High Paying Dream Job” Off Your Wish List

Free mini guide program reveals exactly how to remain relevant, avoid reputation risk and earn what you’re really worth.

ALL you need to go from redundant & rejected to recognised and relevant in 3 Simple Steps – even if…

  • You’ve made your mark, but don’t know how to stay on top in your marketplace
  • Your career has flat lined, or isn’t advancing as fast, or as far as you once had high hopes for
  • You’re feeling washed up and worrying about what to do next

I’m Rick Gilmore, founder of Good Company Coaching and creator of the Relevant… Not Redundant Roadmap

  • You don’t need to be the next Steve Jobs to stand out.
  • You don’t need fakery or self deception either.
  • You just need to be who you are.

The Relevant Not Redundant Road Map


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Enjoy the clarity and confidence to communicate with impact and build your career on your terms.

Today, I want to give you the proven, step by step Relevant… Not Redundant Roadmap that many business leaders, executives and professionals have used to rust proof their relevance… before it’s too late.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, hitting your straps or over the hill…

Here’s just some of what you will learn…

  • How to transition into your next opportunity and transform your career… without having to become someone you’re not
  • How to weld your experience and expertise with your purpose and passion… even if you’re at a career crossroads and you’re unsure of what to do next
  • How to fuel your X factor without any hype, cringe, or wince… in spite of wanting to stay out of the limelight
  • How to simply and seamlessly make your next move and still have money to pay the bills
  • How to finally stop under earning and start earning your true worth on your terms because your reputation does the heavy lifting for you in advance

You have to rust proof your relevance so you don’t get left behind…

Whether your star is shining bright or your best days are behind you and you’re staring down a career abyss.

One thing remains clear. In todays’ competitive job market career building doesn’t tend to be a team sport and it’s almost certain that at some point you’ll need to reposition yourself professionally…

The Relevant Not Redundant Road Map


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The 4 Most Common Questions About The Relevant… Not Redundant Mini Guide Program

Who Is Rick Gilmore?

After many stops, starts and stumbles, Rick went from spending years sitting at the feet of the masters in India – to becoming one of Australia’s pioneering executive coaches and renowned relevance creators.

He’s coached, trained, presented and consulted to organisations across all industries and sectors. Working in the private, the public and everything else in between… from working with CEO’s & executives of significant organisations, to a chief adviser to a prime minister, to rookie business leaders just starting out.

What Is The Relevant... Not Redundant Roadmap?

The fear of becoming obsolete and not needed anymore is sadly rising. Rick has developed a simple framework & methodology that allows business leaders, executives & professionals to remain relevant and have repeatable success – even if they are spinning their wheels and aren’t yet sure what their next move is.

This 3 – phase mini guide program is Rick’s gift to aspiring people who want to stay relevant – without wasting time stuck, sidelined or settling for less.

What You'll Learn in The Relevant... Not Redundant Roadmap

Rick shares some of his favourite tips, tools, templates, and resources.
The Relevant… Not Redundant Roadmap is broken down into 8 core modules over two weeks.

Each module consists of video lessons, Relevance Templates, Relevance Reflections, Relevance Revelations and Relevance Action Plans.

Plus exercises and small assignments to help you make meaningful progress and implement what you’re learning throughout the entire program.

In only14 days each section of the program covers different concrete steps in the Relevant… Not Redundant process, including

  • The Relevance Riskometer ®
    Draw on a deceptively simple – but layered framework that will help you rate how relevant ready you are right now. This is the Relevant – Redundant GPS template you’ll use over and over again. Just as it has guided many careers. Your career is next!
  • The Relevance Recipe ®
    The 12 things you must do to rust proof your reputation and grow your relevance. Get the tips you need to pivot and navigate your way into new opportunities, and enjoy the success you’ve always wanted, no matter what stage of your career you’re at.
  • The 5 Steps To Create Your Relevance Platform
    Learn how to create your relevance platform to expand your unique expertise so you can attract the clients and employers you want in good and bad times.
  • How to shelve self promotion squeamishness… without being a sleaze bag
    Master an easy, effective way to instantly position yourself as an expert and rejection – proof your relevance, even if you’re a shrinking violet or not a backslapping or show boating type.
  • Discover the number #1 most dangerous mistake stopping you from being the best in your field… and what you must do instead
    Learn why many of us sabotage our worth and work and how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
  • The 4 Step E.A.R.N. Method to help you leave behind under valuing and under earning forever
    Find out what you need to let go of now so you can settle into yourself, enrich your life and earn your real worth doing what you are here to do.
  • Much, much more
How Will This Free Program Help Me?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to staying in the shadows and say hello to the spotlight shining on you this year… then you’re ready to say yes to this free mini guide program.

If you have ever thought…

“I’m worthless unless I’m successful at work”…

“Is this really as good as it gets?”…

“The only way is down from here”…

“I’m too embarrassed to say that I want more money”…

“I’m sick of missing out… others seem to be having all the big wins and lasting success.”…

“I’ve lost my mojo at the worst possible stage of life ” …

“I don’t walk around here with my head held high”…

“How can I get clarity and confidence about my future direction quickly?”…

If you’re ready to grow your relevance and you’re willing to take action… then yes, this is your moment and this free mini guide program is for you.

Why Is It Free?

Yes, this 3 Step Relevant… Not Redundant Roadmap is for a limited time only… 100% completely free –

Rick’s core message is Be Who You Are Meant To Become® He believes no person or business is a finished product.

As you can imagine his own road to relevance hasn’t all been smooth sailing. He knows career transitions can be a lot harder than you imagine. He knows how hard it is to do it on your own.

He also knows there’s a big risk in asking the wrong people for help.

Just as he has been helped by the right people along the way. He now wants to pass it on and give you the mindset and mechanics you need to pave your own path and get your true talents recognised and consistently rewarded in your marketplace.

This is his gift to allow you to get the success, financial freedom and fulfilment you deserve this year and beyond.

So is there a catch? No… there is no catch!

If there was a catch, Rick’s hope is that only after you’ve had a chance to see the immense value that’s in the Relevant… Not Redundant mini guide program…

And you see the results in your own life and career…

That you might gladly choose to stay involved and contemplate using him as one of your relevance mentors for the long term. So you can grow in relevance, share good company and do good work together for the long term.

“No One Has Ever Held Up The Mirror Like That Before.”
-Financial Controller

Join successful business leaders, executives and professionals from these organisations who took action and transformed their careers

Ready to wake up to your dream job, too?


Join many professionals and get a proven roadmap to go from redundant to relevant. Start now with this 100% free fast start mini guide program

Ready to wake up to your dream job, too?


Join many professionals and get a proven roadmap to go from redundant to relevant. Start now with this 100% free fast start mini guide program


The Relevance Recipe

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